Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Horse in My Purse

I love this little girl!

She delights in giving to others.

She believes it is her job to "make the whole world smile."

Right now, her favorite joy (obsession) is My Little Ponies. I was at their house recently and she offered to give me one of her little ponies. Of course, I politely declined. Well, time passed and not long before I was leaving for home, I saw her near my purse. When she saw me see her, she looked a bit guilty. I wondered... but then I kind of forgot about it. 

Later, at home, her momma texted me that Cordelia had told her, "I may have put a pony in Grandma's purse."  That kind of giving and sharing comes so naturally to her. No, she's not a perfect little girl, but she's got a quality that really warms my heart. 

And that, my friends, is why I now carry a My Little Pony around in my purse.


Maria Rose said...

She loves you so much!!!

EJN said...


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