Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Gift and Text Photos

One thing I really enjoy is when I receive little photos from Maria via text. Here's an example...

Isn't that precious?

Yesterday I received some fun photo texts from her.
First, let me give some pre-explanation...

Last Sunday I overheard Maria saying that if anyone could find Top Ramen Oriental Flavor (vegan) in our town to let her know. I'm not much of a shopper, at least not in person, but I know how to search online. Within minutes after Maria & Eric and girls left our home, I found the Top Ramen Oriental Flavor in a 24 pack on Amazon. With just a couple of clicks, it was on its way to them. I didn't tell them anything about it.

Yesterday, I received this photo from Maria...

Don't be scared.
In case you can't tell, that is her freaking out over the gift.
That was a fun text to receive!

Then, I was rewarded with this sweet photo of Elise.

Soon, this beautiful little face showed up on my phone.

And last, I received this photo.
Those are packages of Top Ramen and the photo
was originally sent to Eric, taunting him at work to
hurry him home for a Top Ramen treat.

I'm no always good at finding gifts for people
but apparently I nailed it this time!


Maria Rose said...

Eric said it was one of the best gifts he's ever received. Is it fair to thank you for lowering the bar?

affectioknit said...

I love all the fun!

~Have a lovely day!

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