Monday, March 03, 2014

Relaxing in the Sunshine

Not long ago Mike and I cooked up a plan to take my sister, Tina, away from winter for awhile. We picked her up from her home, just a few hours away from our own. We then drove to Rapid City, South Dakota and spent a pleasant evening in a hotel and relaxed a bit. The next morning we took to the skies and flew to Arizona in our search for the sun.

Tina gets around in a wheelchair. She does very well but I'm here to tell you that I think it must take a great deal of courage for her to go on such a trip. She has to submit herself to being strapped into a funny, skinny aisle wheelchair just to get to her seat on an airplane. It looked a bit scary to me! She handled it all with good grace, though.

We were visiting Mike's Mom (Carol) and one of his sisters (Sue) and her husband (Joe). They were so welcoming and gracious, they made Tina feel right at home. 

Early in the week Sue and I took Tina on a long walk around the neighborhood. When you are from Wyoming, it is such a treat to see all the things that grow in warm places! I think this was one of Tina's favorite types of cactus.

We all enjoyed this bottle brush flower.

There are a lot of these pretty little quails (I really don't know if that is what they are, but maybe?) around.

 I felt Tina needed to have her photograph taken by one of the pretty pool areas.
We didn't go swimming but maybe we should have.
There is even a ramp for a wheelchair to go easily down into the pool.
Maybe next time.

 Sue showed us this cool cactus.
Do you see it as a waving bunny?

When we walked back, we found Mike and Joe out enjoying the warm day as well.

While it was sub-zero in Wyoming...

...and while the Wyoming wind was howling...

We felt pretty fortunate to be relaxing in the sunshine.


Allen said...

OK I get it so great for Tina we froze and you had warmth rub it in Brrrrrrrr Brrrrrrrr Brrrrrrrr. Great people to give Tina such a great gift.

Sue said...

Sorry you had to be cold, Allen. It was sweet of you to turn up the temperature here before our return. That was much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I have relatives in Az, but doubt if we will ever get to go see them: Glad you had such an enjoyable get away from Wy..

Susan said...

You definitely should try to visit, but do it doing the winter!

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