Monday, March 17, 2014

I Feel Spring!

First of all, Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I know that everyone is Irish today.
I for one, know that I have Irish roots.
Actually, I've always known that but now it is documented.
According to my saliva test as analyzed by 23andMe, 
I am 34.2% Irish.
So there you have it.

Moving on...
Spring is trying to squeak into Wyoming, between the snowstorms that is.

It wasn't very sunny yesterday.
It was windy.
But it felt Spring-ish.

Cordelia really wanted to go for a walk,
So we did.

I love seeing Eric as a father.
He's good at it.

Everyone felt playful. 

Eric tossed Cordelia up in the air so Elise wanted me to do the same with her.
No, I didn't really throw her, but she was delighted anyway.

Grandpa found a pine cone just the right size for little fingers.

I hope those little girls always appreciate the sweet relationships
they share with their Daddy.

I know that this girl appreciates the sweet relationship she shares with her Daddy.

Don't ask about my weird outfit.
Is Mike laughing at me behind my back?
Who's he to talk?
He's wearing his slippers.

Cordelia was looking at the world a bit differently. 

A little mother-daughter run... not sure if they were cold or just
feeling competitive and wanting to be the first ones home.

Thank you, Maria and Eric, for helping take photos.

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Maria Rose said...

We love spending time with you guys!

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