Friday, February 14, 2014

Weird Question Number Eight

I'm telling you, Mike is not a normal interviewer. For instance, here is his 8th question for me...

8. Do you want to be Vanna White or Pat Sajak?

Well, Duh! Vanna, of course. I have several of the usual reasons for that, and one really important reason.

First of all, what's not to like about being slender with an unlimited supply of fancy dresses to wear?

She gets to travel to do their show at different sites. I would enjoy that! I even love hotel rooms, as long as they are clean. It would be rough to have to make those long trips to Hawaii and such places, but I think I could do it.

I would enjoy having Vanna's accent. I don't know anyone who sounds quite like her.

Most of all, though, Vanna gets to play with yarn! A lot! Vanna even has her own line of yarn through Lion's Brand. How cool is that?! I bet she doesn't even get stupid tendonitis when she crochets.

Much to my surprise, there are a bunch of clips on YouTube of Vanna just talking about yarn. OK, it may not be that exciting to most, but I get it. I understand the addiction.

Yea, kind of silly, huh? I would do the same, though. Shopping for yarn is a lovely experience.


Anne Marie said...

Haha, I totally have the same addiction. I have yarn stashed in every nook and cranny, in several rooms of my house. I have stuff that I've made with yarn stashed in a few places, too. I completely have to see it and feel it in the store! Of course seeing and feeling yarn in the store is what gets me into trouble...

Maria Rose said...

Of course. Not to be rude, but Vanna is the star, Pat is her sidekick at best.

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