Monday, February 17, 2014

FINALLY! Weird Question Number Ten

OK, so let's wrap up this nonsensical business of the ten question interview my husband devised.

10) Have you ever gotten lost in your craft room?

Nope, never lost.

I do, however, get lost in time while in my craft room, also known as the Paisley Room. Like yesterday, I went in to my room full of yarns and fabrics and beads and all sorts of glorious things. My plan was to make a quick necklace for myself. Two hours later I kind of came to, realizing I'd gotten so into it that I'd lost track of time. I suddenly realized my clothes in the dryer were likely sitting there getting wrinkled. Many other chores I'd meant to accomplish remained undone. But, if was fun to have that bit of time to do my own thing.

You may be wondering why Mike would ask such a question anyway. Well, it is because that room is so overstuffed right now, it looks a bit like a scene from hoarders. I admit it. He dared me to take a photo. Sure! I'm not ashamed.

OK, maybe I am ashamed. It's pretty messy. This picture came from Pinterest. As soon as I get the Paisley Room looking more like that, I will post the photo. 

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