Friday, January 10, 2014


I have a visitor here for a sleepover! Last time we tried this, Cordelia had a headache and then got sick in the night. This time, things are much better!

Immediately upon arrival she wanted to show me what she brought in her suitcase, right down to her hairbrush and her toothbrush. It was an adorable little show.

 Then we played some games.
She won 2 and I won 1.

Then this happend... fake nose-picking

...and fake eating of it. 

There was also fake sleeping.

 And there was most definitely lots of giggling.


Michelle said...

I remember having you Murphey kids (one at a time) for sleepovers in Scottsbluff. I can't claim to remember exactly what we did--but do remember you telling me I wasn't doing it right when I was cleaning the bathtub, because I wasn't doing it the way your Mother did! I must have been getting the tub ready so you could "swim" since I doubt that you came needing a bath. One of the fun things about little kids is the way they just say it as they see it.

Sue said...

Michelle, I do remember staying over at your basement apartment. I don't really remember what we did, either, but I remember thinking it was fun and I felt special. I do NOT remember the bathtub incident. I also don't remember how my Mom cleaned a bathtub. Thanks for letting me "swim" at your place.

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