Friday, January 03, 2014

It's a Bit Breezy!

 Yesterday, after work, I stopped by Walmart on my way home. I had a few little things to pick up but what I was most excited about was getting a couple of supplies to make a ribbon/wreath/bow thing for the door of my office. I had an idea of what I wanted to make and I wanted to do it tonight. Inspiration is like that. It needs immediate attention.

The main thing I needed for my craft was something like this...

It was styrofoam. It was lightweight.

I pushed my cart out of the doors at Walmart, a breeze (aka hurricane force winds) came up and the sack with my wreath form went whoooooshing off into the night. I don't know how strong the winds were last night but I know that today's forecast states there may be gusts over 60mph here. Anyway, I chased my foam circe down and stomped on the corner of the sack until I could pick it up. I tucked it into the cart and kept it secure as I made me way to my car. I put that sack into the trunk first and proceeded (I feel like I'm on Judge Judy. People are always "proceeding" on that show.) to set the other sacks into the trunk. 

I thought I had everything under control but the stupid wreath sack rose up out of the trunk like some kind of crazy ghost, gave a flutter wave and took off across the parking lot. I stashed everything else into the trunk, slammed it closed and darted after the wreath. I saw it stuck up under a tire of a truck in the next row. Of course, it turns out it wasn't quite that stuck and off it went again. I wandered through a couple of rows, looking under the vehicles, until I noticed a guy who seemed to be a bit afraid of me. Me! OK, I was acting a bit crazy.

So, I went to my car and drove it slowly up and down the rows, looking for my errant craft item. No luck. I finally realized that I was spending a lot of time looking for that $2 item. It was time to give up and go home. 

I spent the rest of the evening pouting because I couldn't complete my project. Maybe I will try again tonight but I may have to stuff the sack inside my coat or something. 

Is it windy where you are?


Maria Rose said...

I was there yesterday and watched, from my car (meaning I couldn't help), as an old woman nearly fell over from the force of the gusts.

Lisa (aka Mollie's mom) said...

How frustrating.

Sue said...

It was so very frustrating...and so very Wyoming! I expect I looked rather silly.

Mom said...

I know! I came out of a store behind an older gentleman battling the wind recently. I wanted to scoop him up and carry him to his car (pretty sure I could have) but I also worried about his pride so I just walked nearby, ready to catch if needed. I probably scared him.

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