Saturday, January 18, 2014

Crafting and Kindle

OK, don't be scared. I'm off my soap box. After my rant last night, I think maybe I need a bit of relaxation today. I worked overtime hours this past week and I need some fun. Don't get me wrong. I'll still be multi-tasking, doing laundry and picking up around the house. In between my domestic responsibilities, however, I will be creating.

Yay for creating something...anything! 

For me, that is a great way to relax and to feel all smoothed over and shiny again. What do you do to unwind? For me, reading is another favorite method of relaxation. Thanks to my new Kindle Fire HDX with the secret feature that reads to me, I "read" while making things. Today, I'll be "reading" a novel about Norwegian Immigrants finding their way to Minnesota to homestead. Aaaah! I can't wait to get started!

Today, I decided Wyoming Rose Boutique needs some attention. I'm in the mood to make new jewelry. I feel inspired!

Above is the sign Maria created back when we had time to do craft fairs. Now, with my full-time job and Maria raising two little girls while juggling her teaching and art, we don't do any craft fairs. We both still love making things for our Etsy shop, though! Anyway, I couldn't part with this sign. I just love it!

So, this is how I start with that creating process. I usually have an idea in my head. I gather up some things that seem appropriate for that little nugget of an idea. This is what I gathered up this morning. I'm not sure what I'll be using but some of these pieces looked like good possibilities. There are chains I purchased a while back. Sometimes I see new earrings that aren't anything I'd want to wear but they have parts that seem like possibilities for future projects. Additionally, there is a variety of different bobbles, charms and beads that may find their way into a new project today. 

I am getting so excited; It is time to quit talking about it and get to business! What are you going to do today? How do you best relax and refresh?

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Maria Rose said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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