Monday, January 20, 2014

Combined Quirks

Elise is adorable. Elise is smart. Elise is quirky! 

I know that right now my Mom is laughing and saying, "Of course!" She always talked about how our children were quirky, and so it is no surprise that our grandchildren are the same.

Well, here is one of the quirky things about Elise. She LOVES Spiderman. We just so happened to have some little ones around, leftover from one of our boys. She finds them every time. When we are out shopping, she can spot a Spiderman toy a mile away!

Another quirky thing about Elise is that she sometimes brings a blanket and simply says, "Baby." What she wants is for one of us to wrap her up very snug, arms tight against her side, and hold her like she was a baby (which she is but don't tell her that). She does not giggle or even smile during this process. It is a very, very serious event for her. It's pretty funny.

Well, they were all over visiting tonight and Elise combined those two quirks. She wanted Spiderman wrapped up like a baby! I was happy to oblige. Again, she was very, very serious about the process. She held him close and kissed him. It was pretty sweet.

Thank you, Eric, for taking a photograph of this sweet little quirkster.

I like quirky little people, don't you?


Mom said...

I hope your other readers know that "quirky" is a great compliment. Quirky people are smart, interesting and original. They don't see any reason to do things a certain way just because that's how other people do it. Hurray for quirky people. And yes, I laughed.

Susie said...

Well, I can only speak for myself but I have always known "quirky" to be a compliment of the highest order.

elizabeth said...

ha! that's awesome! :)

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