Friday, December 20, 2013

I've Been Wondering...

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Advertising is very expensive. Did you know that? To put up a billboard, have a little TV spot or an ad in the paper is really quite costly.

So, I was wondering about designer labels...

How did that start? I can remember when we kept our labels neatly tucked inside. Who was the genius that changed all that? Can you imagine that Monday morning meeting where some young, new grad (I'm totally making this up as I go,) said to his boss, "Let's not pay for advertising any more!" The boss probably couldn't believe it when the kid when on to suggest that they start putting the labels on the outside of their clothes, rather than discreetly hidden. Did he then go on to mention that if they raised the cost of the clothing, people would desire wearing the labels on the outside as proof of their own wealth and good taste? Genius, really.

Then, it spread! People wanted to show off the brand of beer they drank so they bought hats with the name on it. They now buy t-shirts that show off what brand of tractor they prefer, jackets that show you their favorite vacation destination and coffee mugs to prove they are part of the team representing the most popular brand of coffee.

Humans are strange beings. We do not charge these companies for being their living billboards. In fact, we pay them for the privilege!

That's it. That's the deep thought I was having. That's what I've been wondering.

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