Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tree Monkey Guy

Remember this....

 and this...

 and this?

That was early October, the result of a LOT of snow arriving before our leaves had fallen. The limbs were too heavy and trees all over town were broken. It was one of the strangest things I've ever seen. Everywhere, limbs down. It looked a bit like a tornado had come through. 

This morning I went out and looked up toward one of our broken beauties.

The shattered limbs still looked sad.

We also had several large limbs that were kind of like wishbones.
They were stuck up there with some dangerous potential.

So, this afternoon we had tree surgeons (arborists) come to complete the amputations.
I heard a lot of thunks and booms as some of the limbs hit our house.
I don't think they were hurting anything but I decided it
was a good time to go to clean the basement about then.

I heard one guy on the ground call this other guy a tree monkey.

You probably can't really tell but he has a chainsaw up there.  He also had a long pole thing with a curved saw on the end. That looked wicked! I've climbed many a tree in my life. I've climbed them carrying things like dolls and later, bologna sandwiches, but never a chainsaw. 

Just so you know, climbing a tree with a bologna sandwich did not turn out well for me. I was a 5th grader and I'd ridden my bike about a mile down a country road to meet a friend by Little Lake Alice. We had brought our lunches and decided to eat them in a tree. I'm not sure how far I got into the bologna sandwich before the limb my feet were resting on gave way, plunging me to my fate. I hurt my wrist.

I may have been kind of a tough kid. I stayed and played for about an hour after injuring my wrist. Then, I rode my bike home. I did realize my wrist wasn't working quite right but it was a sandy road so I needed both hands. I ended up kind of hanging it over the handle bar and trying to steer with my forearm. When I got home I was still doing ok until my Dad turned to my Mom and said, "Grace, I think Susie may have broken her arm." Then do you know what I did, more than an hour after my injury? I cried. I guess the idea of a broken arm (wrist) was worse for me than the actual pain of it. And, yes, it was broken.

Huh... I didn't realize this was going to be a post about the first time I broke my wrist. I meant for it to be about the tree monkey guy.


Michelle said...

Oh, well, the tree monkey made a good lead-in to the personal story. I'd forgotten about you breaking your wrist. Your story took me right back to those years.

Sue said...

That was a long time ago, huh?

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