Monday, November 04, 2013

Feeling Appreciated

May is National Nurse's Month or something like that. At work we usually get gifts that are pretty cool. This past May we all received really cool backpacks, the kind for serious backpackers. We also received gift certificates for massages and other nice little gifts. I enjoy May. Mike didn't receive any gifts for National Nurse's Month.

October is/was Pastor Appreciation Month. Did you know that? Well, the congregations Mike has served have always done nice things for him. He receives gifts and cards that are really nice. But guess what!? So do I! When they express their appreciation for him as their pastor, they always include me as well. Isn't that sweet?

And who knew...they even make cards to show appreciation for Pastor's Wives!P

Thank you to Allen and Gwen for this pretty card.
Seriously, it was really sweet of you to do that for me and it meant a lot.

I do feel a bit guilty about it. I don't really do anything special as a Pastor's Wife. The things I do at church are things I'd want to do anyway, things that a lot of other people do as well. I think the only thing I do specifically as a pastor's wife is to just be there to take care of Mike so he can take care of his flock. That's my only job as a pastor's wife. But then again, that is what my job would be as his spouse no matter what he did in life. He does the same for me. I'll tell you a little story about that tomorrow.

In the meantime, maybe I should plan ahead to make a nurse's spouse appreciation card for him for next May.


Allen said...

You are a very special person and a very special pastors wife. You mean a lotto to Gwen and me, you have always given me strength. Have a very great day.

Allen said...


Sue said...

Thank you, Allen. You are too sweet!

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