Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Joy-Sprinkled Day

I had the day off yesterday, just an ordinary day off.  There were a lot of tedious types of things to tend to, such as getting prescriptions filled, dealing with some insurance paperwork and refinancing our house. OK, the refinancing part was actually pleasant as our mortgage guy is also a good friend...still, it was a lot of paperwork. Anyway, there was time for family sandwiched in the middle of it all.  When I get to wrap some of my free day around family, that makes it a good day.

Maria, Cordelia and Elise were at the mall so I went there to meet up with them. One of my favorite things is to take the little girls to find holiday dresses. Doesn't that sound grandma-ish? Usually, I think of it kind of late in the game and the dresses are rather picked over. This time, I was more on the ball. It was fun!

As we approached the little dresses at JCPenny, Elise made some kind of excited little sound and ran right at a particular group of dresses. I didn't get my cell phone out fast enough to capture the excited little bobbing and bowing actions she made. She was pretty delighted with what she saw. Even as little as she is, she likes to look pretty!

Cordelia wasn't sure she could choose as they were all so pretty.

However, she is a fairly decisive girl. She held quite a few up to herself and it looked like she was going for a hot pink dress but with a bit of guidance, chose one that was a bit more Christmasy.  You'll have to wait for Christmas photos to see the one she chose.

We held up various dresses for Elise, trying to make she sure she saw them all. Maria would hold three at a time and let her choose her favorite. Then, keeping the favorite in the line up she'd add a couple more. Elise never wavered. She stuck with that very first one she saw and just kept grabbing it and bringing it to me. That girl knows her mind!

Then, it was time for Maria to look around a bit so I followed the girls around, snapping photos because they were just so very adorable. I loved that they wanted to hold hands all over the store. Other people kept ooohing and aaaaahing at their cuteness.  I enjoyed smiling and accepting compliments on my beautiful little granddaughters.

Shopping really is exhausting, though!

Then, we moved on to mall lunch. Again, it was just an ordinary event, but somehow more special because it was shared.

At the end of our meal, Elise is insistent on doing one of her favorite things...putting things in the trash. Seriously, that little girl is nuts about garbage. She spots garbage cans with an eagle eye and announces, "Trash!" so no one misses the joy of seeing a trash can. When it is time to put our lunch garbage in the trash, she is in her element! I especially love that she claps after each trash deposit.

After we parted from the girls, I went with Mike to help him choose new glasses. That was fun...

Thankfully, he did not choose these glasses...all the more reasons for me to feel joyful!

Yep, it was an ordinary day, sprinkled with joy.


Maria Rose said...

It was a great day! Elise was SO PROUD to show off her dress when we got home. Thank you for being you.

Valerie Van Voast said...

When my blog page opened it was at the bottom of the post, and there was a picture of this dude wearing big black framed glasses. I didn't discover until I got back to the bottom that it was MIke, incognito. I was surprised and had a laugh. Sorry Mike, I just wasn't expecting him to be you!

Sue said...

Ha ha ha! It made me laugh as well!

Michelle said...

Nothing beats sweet time with family. Thanks for sharing. I'll look forward to seeing the girls in the dresses they chose.

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