Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Princess and the Ball

Last night my son-in-law, Eric, was performing with his band at a masquerade ball. Doesn't that sound fun?! I went to their place to spend the evening with Cordelia and Elise so that Maria could attend as well. Eric was already at the ball when I arrived at their home but I did snap a couple of cell phone photos of Maria before she left. I loved that Cordy wanted to do the poses for the camera as well.

I was just kicking myself for not bringing my good camera, 
but I think you can get the idea that she looked pretty amazing!
Check out Maria's blog, Little Things are Big to see better photos.

Later, when I was putting Cordelia to bed, we were discussing her mother's beauty and our expectation that everyone at the ball would be looking at her. Cordy said the others there would be jealous of her mom. I said I hoped they weren't jealous but I did believe everyone would notice her mom when she arrived.

After so much discussion of Maria's beauty, I thought maybe I'd better make sure Cordy understood that true beauty isn't just what you see on the outside. I commented that her mother was indeed beautiful, but that the really wonderful part was that she was also very kind and fun. Cordy pondered that for just a second and then remarked, "Well, she isn't very much fun when she puts me in time out!"


Maria Rose said...

Ha ha ha!

Anne Marie said...

Leave it to a kid to tell it like it is! :) Maria, you are beautiful, even if your time outs are no fun!

Susan said...

Hi Sue, your cellphone takes lovely photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

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