Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pounding the Pavement - Again

These guys got in my way as I tried to go home yesterday. I'm kind of getting used to it.


The road in front of our house was redone this Summer. That meant weeks of difficulty getting out of and returning to our property. We didn't mind too much as we were grateful they were making our street all pretty. I was home the day they had the big pounder machine (that may or may not be the technical name) doing what it does. It felt like a series of earthquakes in our house! The paintings on our wall all ended up crooked that day. It was a weird feeling to have the house keep shaking like that.


a short time after all that one of the neighbors decided to take up the old cement in his driveway to be replaced. When he did that, he discovered seepage under his driveway. It turns out that all that pounding likely cracked the water line that went under our street. 


they had to break open that brand new pretty street. It was sad, really. They dug a big hole but didn't find the crack. They dug more. They had to keep digging until they'd gone all the way across the street. After fixing the leak, they put new dirt in the hole and smoothed it out, presumably to soon be resurfaced later.


we had that giant snowstorm that broke nearly every tree in town. People were going up and down our street at all hours for days. They were driving big trucks pulling large trailers loaded with amputated tree parts. Each time they crossed over that broken place in the street we could hear bangs and crashes as they hit the sharp edge where the surface abruptly ended. With all the moisture and traffic, the broken part squished lower and lower.


the city crew came and added more black pebbly stuff to the hole. We appreciated the effort as it made it a bit less noisy around here, but the trucks and trailers kept hauling the branches and that band-aid job didn't last long.


today was the day the road crew came back. Once again we couldn't drive home our usual way but once again, we were grateful they came to fix it. They did all the stuff they did before...even the pounding.


Does that painting look crooked to you?

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