Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Lars and the Real Girl and Laura and the Little Girl

OK, I'm getting rather sick of talking about all the amputated tree parts we're all dealing with. I want totalk a bit more about the fun part of the storm...the time spent with family and friends.

We found out that a friend of our's, Laura, was without power and COLD! Laura is almost family to us; we've known her since she was a young girl.  Laura joined us Saturday afternoon. She's easy company to have, well, because she is like family.

Saturday evening Laura and I watched Lars and the Real Girl. Have you seen it? It stars Ryan Gosling playing an interesting role. The movie is several years old and although I'd seen it before, it had been awhile. It is a WONDERFUL movie. It is about a guy who buys a blow-up doll. I know, that sounds horrible. Really, though, it is a sweet and tender movie about the love of family, mental health, kindness of a small community and romance. To top it off, it is really funny. I realize I am asking you to take a big leap of faith here, but I loved that movie! I think Laura did as well.
Here, just watch the trailer...  If you've not seen it and have access to Netflix or Amazon Prime or something, give it a try. I do not think you will regret it.

Besides watching a great movie, we enjoyed time with Maria and Eric and the girls. Cordelia was pretty wound up and she LOVES Laura! She really preferred to play with her without the rest of us interrupting. Laura was such a great sport about it. No wonder Cordy loves her so much!

I do not know why Cordy was drooling in that last photo. Try not to notice, ok?

And last, just in case he checks in on my blog, Happy Birthday to my big brother, Mike. Have a delightful day!


Mom said...

Lars and the Real Girl is one of my favorites along with Big, Crimes of the Heart and Princess Bride.

Maria Rose said...

Great movie! Great company! Drooling=weird

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