Saturday, October 12, 2013

Girl's Day Out

Yesterday was lovely. I enjoyed a girl's day out. Maria and I went out of town to visit with my Mom, sister, aunt and cousin. We've been trying to make this trip for weeks but every time I had a day off, something came up. In fact, the last two times we scheduled this trip, we endured snowstorms instead. Anyway, it finally happened!

From the moment we arrived at Mom's house, Elise was ready for adventure.

She wanted to hug everyone and inspect everything. She was especially excited over Mom's cat and dog. They weren't so thrilled to see her but she didn't seem to take it personally.

She just kept on moving!

When my aunt, Michelle, and cousin, Anne Marie, arrived, Elise wanted to have time hugging everyone.

Unfortunately, Cordelia started feeling pretty sick. She remained sweet and adorable but we could all tell she wasn't her usual sparkly self. Anne Marie read books to the girls, which was
perfect for Cordy.

My daughter, Maria, gets a turn snuggling Cordelia. Throughout our visit, Cordy would ask different ones if they wanted a chance to snuggle with her. That was about all she had to give. Even sick, she was sweet as can be.

My sister, Tina, uses a motorized wheelchair. Usually, that is a disadvantage to her when it comes to little ones warming up to her. Not so with Elise! Elise loved it!

She even got Tina to take her for rides, sometimes even trying to "drive" it herself. Thankfully, Tina did not give up the controls. Cordelia, who has always been a bit worried about that wheelchair, decided to go for a ride as well.

She was polite but quickly said, "You can let me get down now."

I love all of these women and it was nice to spend time together. If you haven't already, go back to their names (Maria, Michelle, Anne Marie) and click to be magically taken to their personal blogs. Four out of five of us are bloggers! If my Mom is a blogger, she's still keeping it a secret.

Thanks for a fine day, ladies!

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