Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Big Sleep-Into

As I said yesterday, I planned to hurry home Saturday in time to have Cordelia over for her first sleep-over. I was so excited!

When I arrived at Cordelia's house, she was in the front room with her little suitcase but tears on her face. She said she was going to miss her Mommy and Daddy. Thinking she was maybe just not ready, I asked if she'd want to just go to Walmart with me instead. She was good with that. Maria suggested she take her suitcase just in case she changed her mind.

At Walmart, Cordelia announced that although she would miss her Mommy and Daddy, she thought she would be fine to stay the night with me. Yay! As we were checking out she told me she had a headache but said since I was a nurse I could help her.

We went home and played a game, snacked on raspberries and almond milk and then it was time to watch a movie in bed, using my computer. Cordelia chose Daniel Tiger.

I braided her hair while she watched.  Then, we each ate an oreo cookie in bed, even though we'd already brushed our teeth, because it was a special night. We snuggled. She no longer spoke of a headache. She gave me a thousand hugs and repeatedly proclaimed her love for me. It was wonderful!

Cordy dozed off snuggled up with me during the movie. In fact, she'd been asleep about an hour and a half when she sat up, looked at the computer I was using, and said, "Now we need to get some sleep!" I'm not sure she was awake when she said that but about 30 minutes later she sat up and said, "Next, we hug and kiss and say nighty night and get some sleep." You guessed it, she was once again asleep.

Then, a dilemma. I could feel that Cordelia was getting too hot. I rationalized that maybe she had too much covering on her so I kept pulling the quilt off of her. It seemed to help but eventually I had to admit, Cordy had a fever. In fact, her temp rose to 101. She kept thrashing and waking up, sometimes crying. So, do I call her parents late at night? I didn't have children's Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I could send Sam or Mike to get it but I knew that Maria and Eric would want her home. I made the call then drove a sick little girl to her house shortly after midnight. Not to worry, her mom reported her fever broke about 4:00 a.m. and she was fine the next day....and wants to try it again!

So, although Cordelia didn't sleep OVER night at our house, she did indeed sleep INTO the night and it was sweet while it lasted!


affectioknit said...

...such a sweet story...glad she's all better now...

~Have a lovely day!

Maria Rose said...

She is very excited to try again!

AKM said...

Aww, she gave it a good try! Here's to next time.

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