Thursday, September 19, 2013

Out Front

We've had quite a lot of activity out in front of our house this Summer.

First, we had the incendiary device right across from our house and the arson just down the street.

Later, we endured a lot of noise while our street was redone.

Now, we have a big hole in our street. Yes, they already had to tear up our pretty new street. The word on the street (literally) is that one neighbor dug up his driveway to have it redone. What he discovered under the old concrete was seeping water from below.

Now, they are digging up the street to find the leak.

(the view from our front window)
Apparently they kind of guess where they need to dig and they've guessed wrong a few times.

The hole is about 6 feet deep and when I went out to snoop, they were pretty much extending the dig from the neighbors' driveway and all across the street.  Did you know that after they fix the leak, they can't just return the same dirt they just dug out of there? They have to haul in all new sand that isn't clumped together.

The theory is this. All that pounding they did to compress the dirt before putting down our new street likely jiggled the old water pipes enough to cause the leak. I have no trouble believing this theory. The pounding was bad enough to rattle our dishes and make our pictures hang crooked.

The good news is that we still have water at our house, unlike our next-door-neighbor.

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