Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Turn

Have you ever been an EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH ? I don't believe that I have ever had that experience...UNTIL NOW!

Yep, I am an official employee of the month. Does that sound like I am bragging? Well, I'm not. Here's the deal. Where I work, each month two individuals are named employee of the month. I know, it is a singular sort of title but nevertheless, two people share it each month. It isn't a merit award; that is why I am not bragging. Everyone gets a turn. It was simply my turn to be named.

There are two perks to enjoy as employee(s) of the month. The first is a reserved parking spot near the building. It is right beside the spots reserved for all the doctors who do surgery at our clinic.

Unfortunately, it really is just one spot. I used it one day last week when the other employee of the month was out sick. It would have been great except by the time I left work, I'd forgotten about it. Yep, I walked to the regular parking lot and had to turn around and return to my car. EMBARRASSING! I think I will leave the parking spot for the other employee of the month.

The second perk is very nice, though. Every day someone at work places a lunch order for any of the surgeons who are present for lunch. They get the meal from a different restaurant each day. They have copies of the restaurants' menus and the physicians get to choose what they want and it magically appears for them about noon. Cool for them, huh?  Well, as one of the employee of the month honorees, I also get to order a free lunch each day. Woweeeeeeee!

So, being an employee of the month, even sharing it, is very tasty!  


Michelle said...

Glad it's your turn for the free lunches!

Sue said...

It's fun, but I have been eating too much!

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