Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lucky Tree Trimming

When a heavy, wet snow comes along this early, 
it can cause some damage. 
The trees all still have their leaves so there is a lot 
of surface area on which the snow collects.

It gets too heavy, though.
Branches start breaking.

Driving home from work last night I saw fallen branches all over town.
I was nervous as to what I'd find at home.
As I approached, I could see that some things had happened.
There are branches hanging off our roof.

There were branches laying all over our yard.
This one is about 30 feet long and
when I tried to move it I did not
even make it budge.
Mike got out his saw and took care of it.

The fallen branches looked kind of sad.

Luckily, the ones on our roof were
small enough that I don't think there
was any damage.

A few hours after I got home Mike came in and asked if I'd seen
the one between the garage and the fence.
I had not.

This very large branch had fallen
right smack dab between our fence and our garage!

It was heavy enough it could have taken out our fence
or damaged our garage.
the only damage was a bent gutter.

I am grateful it wasn't worse. 
Our cars were not hit; no people were hurt...
and our trees were trimmed for free.


affectioknit said...

So glad the damage was minor...those first wet heavy snows in ND were always problematic...there just weren't that many trees...

~Have a lovely day!

Maria Rose said...


Happy Elf Mom said...

Incredible! Still sunny days here...

Sue said...

I know! You really appreciate every individual tree, don't you? Our trees still look pretty good, just not quite as full.

Sue said...

And more fell throughout the day, but not as big.

Sue said...

Great! Actually, we are back to sunshine again as well. Sunday it is supposed to again be in the 70's. Our weather is rather bipolar right now. It keeps life interesting.

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