Saturday, September 14, 2013

An Unexpected Gift

When our daughter, Maria, and her then boyfriend now husband, Eric, were in high school, they had a wonderful art teacher who had a great influence on the artistic path they have followed. Later, that teacher and his wife became very special friends to Maria and Eric. I've met them a few times but really I don't know either of them very well. I just feel like I do.

When Maria and Eric returned from New Mexico they brought a gift to me from that art teacher's wife, Victoria. Isn't that sweet? It certainly was unexpected! Again, Victoria and I have not been around each other much. However, we read each other's blogs and we have a common love for Maria and Eric and their girls. You can check out Victoria's blog here. It is a blog with a lot of yummy things worthy of Pinterest!

Anyway, I wanted to show you the gift Victoria sent to me...

 It is a blank book!
What do you think I should write in it?
Cool quotes?
Ideas for stories?
Lists of fun gifts, such as this one?
It is really pretty!

Thank you, Victoria!
I love it!


Maria Rose said...

It is gorgeous!

Anne Marie said...

Beautiful book! I love to use blank books for recipes. I'll either write them in, or glue them in if they are clipped out of a magazine, given to me on an index card, or if I printed out an online recipe. It's not neatly divided into categories, I just put them in as I get them. It makes a fun recipe scrapbook, and I have a great time flipping through and finding great "treasures" that I haven't made in awhile. I have my Grandma Rose recipes in just such a book.

Marie Roxanne said...

A book like that I would put my deepest thoughts. Almost like a diary. Practice calligraphy while writing! Beautiful book.

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