Saturday, August 03, 2013

Time With Jennifer

Last night we all went for a picnic near the river. It was Jennifer's last evening in Wyoming and we wanted to spend a bit more time with her.

We watched a kayaker playing in the river.

It made me rather nervous when he purposefully flipped upside down.

Elise wasn't interested in our picnic but she
loved being outside.

She was happiest when we were walking and exploring.

Grandpa let her get her toes wet.

Sam got some text messages...lots of them I think.
I'm not certain he even knew we were on a walk.

Cordelia got to get her feet wet as well.

Jennifer may have been thinking about the 30 hours of travel 
she had ahead of her. Australia is a long way from Wyoming.

Eric told her tales of the Old West.

Sam did more texting.

I love seeing these two together...

It makes me remember a sweet 
time in our lives, just starting our family
and enjoying the gift of friendship.

Jennifer and her parents were our guests for Maria's
first birthday, over 31 years ago.

We had some really fun times together.

But look at these girls, friends from birth!
Here they are at age one.

They absolutely loved being together!

I think this photo was taken by Jennifer's Dad, Jim.

They formed a bond that withstood 
both years and distance.

This photo was for sure taken by Jim.

Safe travels, Jennifer!


Pam Brewer said...

They're in my living room! Oh, the late 70's, early 80's!!

Michelle said...

I really enjoyed the series of blogs from both you and Maria about Jennifer's visit. I've never met her, of course, but I love this connection that has survived over the years and distance.

Sue said...

Ha! That is the living room at Mike's family's farm. We had that orange couch until we moved here in 2004. I loved it! We'd still have it now if Sam hadn't thrown up on it!

Sue said...

Thank-you, Michelle. It really is cool that they have kept their friendship alive. I think Jennifer is so very brave to travel here on her own!

AKM said...

What cool pictures! And a cool friendship.

(30 HOURS of travel?! Whoa.)

Anonymous said...

"How nice that you still have the photos from so long ago. They are darling, a
real treasure." ...Victoria

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