Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'd Rather Be the Nurse

I spent much of last night being sick, really sick. I was fine all day but rather suddenly got sick late evening. That isn't supposed to happen to nurses! We're supposed to stay healthy to care for everyone else!

During those few hours of being violently ill (that sounds kind of dramatic, doesn't it?) I became more and more aware that I am called to be a nurse,  not a patient. Being the helper is way more fun than being the one who needs help!

Before you get worried (Mom and Maria) it seems to have all passed now. I am fine this morning, though maybe a bit weak. There may be some napping in my immediate future!

So, I will use this opportunity to just share two happy photos of Wyoming sunflowers in the breeze.

Have a sweet week-end!


Maria Rose said...

Even nurses need to know that they should call their daughter to help!!!!!

Tina said...

Your sister is also glad to know you are better, so I won't worry. :) Sorry you were sick. I hope you get that nap and some rest. Love you.

Michelle said...

So sorry you were sick. I do really, really like your sunflower photos. Let yourself rest, now!

Mom said...

So glad you are better. Stay that way!

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