Monday, August 19, 2013

Better to Give

You may be surprised (not!) To know I am proud of my granddaughters. Well, Cordelia gave me another opportunity to admire her sweet little self. No, she is not perfect, but that little girl truly has a giving heart.

Saturday I picked up some crafty things to go do with her. Right away she chose to make two necklaces, one for her Momma and one for me. I told her she wouldn't have enough supplies to then make one for herself. Her answer, "That's OK. I have wots of udder necklaces."

Maria wore her's to church Sunday. I treasure mine and will wear it often!


Maria Rose said...

Each craft she completes for the box she wants to give to someone she loves. She has only kept one thing so far!

Tina said...

What a darling angel girl!

AKM said...

Aww! Pretty, Grandma! Lots of orange!

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