Monday, August 12, 2013

A Night at the Roller Derby

Saturday night I went to a Roller Derby bout (not a game, not a match, it is a BOUT). Have you ever been?  I met Maria and Eric and Cordy and Elise there for a couple of hours of rough and tumble fun.

I am going to assume that some of you  do not know much about a Roller Derby Bout. Since this was our second time to attend, I think of myself as rather an expert (ha!). I do know a few things.

First of all, there are no more than 5 players on each team playing at any one time. There may be less if someone is sent to the penalty box. Of the 5 players on a team, only one can score points. That player is called a jammer. Each team also has a pivot player. The other three players are called blockers. Except for the jammers, everyone HAS to stay together as a pack. The pivot players control the pace of the pack. When they start going around, it is called a jam and each jam lasts no more than two minutes.

The jammers (the ones who can score points) have to start behind the pack. The object is for the blockers to help their own jammers get through the pack while holding back the opposing team's jammer.  The jammers make points when they can lap around and pass through the pack again, as many times as possible in two minutes. There's more to it, of course, but just knowing that much made it all more understandable to me.

The bout is not always played in a ladylike manner. The players have names such as "Formaldebryde", "Carry Undertaker", and "RedNeck Breaker". I have a nurse friend who plays and she is called "Nurse You Bet It Hurts!" Yikes!

My friend, Virginia, is the one in the center looking toward the camera.

She is usually a Jammer and she is tough!
The best part is, if she roughs someone up, later she goes and does 
a nursing assessment to be sure they are ok.

Part of the fun is dressing crazy.
Don't worry. We didn't wear the too-short-shorts or 
anything like that.

Eric bought a team sticker for me.
I pretended it was a tattoo.

Elise was really excited!

Some of the officials dress the coolest!
I love this girl who does the countdown each
time a jam is about to start up.
Maria and I want to get tu-tus for next time!

After bruising each other up throughout the bout,
they all did a skate-dance together at the end.

 Now, wasn't that fun?!


Michelle said...

If I hear you've bought a pair of skates, I'll start to worry!

Glad you are having some fun.

Maria Rose said...

Cordelia is super into it as well. She has spent the past couple of days asking me to read the rules from the pamphlet they handed out.

Mom, you should TOTALLY do it. I would be so impressed if you did. Just sayin'.

Tina said...

Wow! I am too afraid of pain and breaking things. These women are brave and maybe a bit crazy.

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