Monday, July 15, 2013

Time with Family

I spent much of this past week-end at my Mom's. She lives only about a two hour's drive away. I LOVE the drive up there. It involves a lot of wide open space, one of my favorite things. I always relax at Mom's house as well. She has a way of making her home so welcoming. It just feels homey to me, even though I never lived in the house where she now lives.

Saturday evening we picked up my aunt Michelle and met my sister and nephew, Tina and Steven, for dinner out.  Every time I go to their town I find myself wishing I could go visit them more often!

(pictured: my Aunt Michelle)

My Mom has 4 sisters and I always thought all of them to be quite beautiful.  

Sunday morning I went to church with Mom, meeting my sister and nephew there as well. It was a treat to worship together. After church we went out to breakfast. It was calm and pleasant. Well, for me it was. For them it may have been annoying as I drug out my camera so they couldn't really relax. They were good sports, though, so I can share my photos here with you. Thanks, guys!

I was there to celebrate my Mom's birthday with them. I probably shouldn't tell her age so I won't. 

I will tell you, though, that my Mom is much, much younger than other women her age.

Think about that!


Michelle said...

Too late to be tactful about age--I told, and your Mom told, what her age is! You are absolutely right--she is much younger than other women her age! I'm reminded of our Mother (Grandma Rose) who was never interested in the Senior Center because she wasn't interested in hanging out with a bunch of old people!

Maria Rose said...

She is and she is sooo beautiful!

Mom said...

It was wonderful to have you here helping me celebrate my 75th birthday! I've never tried to hide my age and think that's one of the silliest things women do.

Sue said...

Thanks, Mom. I love time with you.

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