Friday, July 26, 2013

A New Camera - AGAIN!

My view of the world, at least for photographs, has changed. I just purchased an upgrade. Apparently that is how it goes with cameras. You get one. You see one that works better. You upgrade. This new (to me) camera actually belonged to our daughter and her husband, Maria and Eric. It is the one responsible for all those great photos at Little Things are Big. It is possible that their talents as photographers had something to do with it. Anyway, they needed to upgrade for some professional photographs Eric takes.

For camera people, this new one is a Canon Rebel XSi and I really don't expect to ever need to upgrade again. I just need to use it!! When I went to pick up the camera, I learned its name is Charlemagne...I think that was it. Maria? Are you reading? Did I remember the name correctly?

Anyway, Cordelia was witnessing the passing of the camera. She knew exactly what I needed to first photograph! She took be to her "tower". So, I now present my first Charlemagne (?) photo...

It was a delightful tower but I decided to do a series of Cordelia Photos.
 I need some practice but these turned out pretty nice I think.

I love that sweet little face! That morning she also brought me a rock, telling me to keep it because it was to show how much she loved  me. Later, while shopping, she told me she didn't need any toys, she just needed me.  All together now, "AAAAAAAAHHHHH..."

I'm telling you, this grandmother thing is the best!


affectioknit said...

Sweet! congrats on the new camera!

~Have a lovely day!

Michelle said...

Lovely photos!

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