Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday to Elise!

Oh, last year on this day we were all pretty excited!

I remember the feelings of nervousness. I was first worried about my own child, Maria. She had given us quite a scare when she had her first baby. I tried to not think about it but I admit it crept into my mind a bit. Thankfully, that particular drama did not occur.

I remember the feelings of happy anxiousness. I was so anxious to hold and touch and see and smell and love on that new little person!

She arrived and we did all those things!

We bonded with her, even though we really didn't yet know her.

I stayed the night at the hospital so Eric could take care of Cordelia at their home. It was a long night but so precious for me. I got to hold her a lot and I got to spend that night with Maria. I felt so honored!
I also felt so tired, but it was worth it.

This photo is my absolute favorite from the day Elise was born!

It is a year later already. We now know this little beauty as a spirited one year old, someone with opinions and ideas of her own. 

We know she has a great laugh.

We know she loves music and has some awesome dance moves. My favorite is when she throws her head back and forth and the long strands on top remind me of a man with a come-over that has gotten out of control. 

We know she loves balls and dogs and stuffed animals. We know she has a cute way of snuggle hugging that melts my heart. She loves to follow her big sister, play with Betty Sprinkles, loves being outside, blowing kisses to her Daddy...and she is just so cute!

We know there will be so much more that we will know by this time next year!


Maria Rose said...

Great post! Just today we learned she likes to be covered in dot stickers and enjoys decorations!

Thank you for staying that night with me. One of my most treasured memories.

Mom said...

Mine, too!

Kate said...

That photo of Maria with both her girls is so beautiful.

Sue said...

I know, right? It was such a beautiful, tender moment.

AKM said...

Oh, I wanna squeeze that little peach! I love that photo, too...the adoration all over Cordelia's face and the peace all over Maria's.

Sue said...

Yes, and it gives me peace just to look at that photo.

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