Saturday, July 13, 2013

Are You a Mutant?

I don't always make good use of my time. Recently, I started off mentally going through my list of things I needed to accomplish on my day off:

     1. gardening
     2. loads of laundry
     3. pharmacy pick-up
     4. clean house
     5. plan some meals
     6. go to the gym
     7. sew
     8. photograph items for Wyoming Rose
     9. organize something.... anything!
   10. write lists of more things that I probably won't accomplish today

I felt kind of overwhelmed by all that needed accomplished when I really just wanted to rest and then go play with granddaughters (which we all know I did). Well, all that overwhelmingness is hard to handle so I decided to procrastinate. What better way to procrastinate than to go online to YouTube and look up stuff you don't even need to know? What follows is a result of my efforts. Since I wasted my time, I decided I would share with you and waste a bit of your time as well.

I found out right away that I am a mutant special.

Blue eyes are the only mutation I am admitting at this time.

I bet you all are some sore of mutants as well!
I mean that in the kindest way possible.


Michelle said...

Yes, I too can roll my tongue and have blue eyes!

Emily said...

I have blue eyes, can roll my tongue, and sneeze in bright light! No web feet for me though. And two of my three kids are left handed which is unusual because Mike and I are both right handed! Cool video!

Sue said...

It is almost as though we are related!

Sue said...

Emily, I never knew people to sneeze in bright light. That one really intrigued me. We do have a couple of people with webbed feet on my side of the family.

AKM said...

I can roll my tongue and I'm left-handed! I kind of wish I had webbed feet. That's intriguing.

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