Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Kind Pink Monster

We attended a little art festival in our community yesterday. Our son-in-law, Eric, is the curator for the art museum that sponsored the festival. I am certain he will be tired when the event is over but he has done a great job and the week-end event is going very well.

Our granddaughter, Cordelia, was excited to have her face painted. We stood in line for quite some time before her turn came. I spoke with her about what she might want painted on her face. Would she like a butterfly? How about hearts? Nope. She knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted to have her face painted as a pink monster!

As Cordelia sat down in the chair for her turn, the artist excused herself to run to the restroom. As we waited, Cordelia ask me, "Will my face be a pink monster forever?" She didn't seem too worried about it, just curious. I guess she was ok with it if it was a forever paint job.

Cordelia was really interested in the artistic process.

She sat still quite well for a 3 yr. old.

Elise may have been a bit concerned about the situation.

The result was adorable!

Although Cordy noted that Grandpa was scared of her 
as a pink monster, she assured me that she was a 
KIND pink monster. That was a relief!


Michelle said...

Very cute! And what a clever and talented face artist to satisfy Cordelia with a pink monster face that is really adorable.

AKM said...

Ah, I love it!

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