Monday, May 06, 2013

Two for One!

Ok, ok... I can't wait anymore! I  have to tell you about Saturday night of our vacation and meeting the Friend I Never Met Before.

So, Mike went to another St. Louis Blue (hockey) Game that night. I didn't go to that one as the only affordable tickets we could have purchased weren't even together. I really love Mike but I don't really love hockey so much. I had no interest in going if we couldn't sit together. It worked out well, though, because I had another plan in mind.

Do you remember AKM? Click here and you'll remember; I'm sure of it. She has been following my daughter's blog, Little Things are Big forever. When I started blogging, she began following mines as well. So, I contacted AKM because she lives in the St. Louis area. I was nervous to ask, because she is a very busy grad student, but she agreed to meet me. She and her mom both came and met me in the lobby of our hotel in downtown St. Louis. I got to meet two new friends! You can tell they are related, can't you?

It was fun to actually get to know AKM and her mom. I was rather awkward but they are nice people! It was kind of weird, though. As I told her, she knew a lot more about me than I did about her. I also wished I'd gone back and reread her interview before I met up with them as I had forgotten some of the things that I did know about her.

Nevertheless, they were both very gracious and kind. We ate dinner together at Imo's Pizza. It was my first time eating the special thin crust St. Louis Style Pizza. AKM explained that the cheese is a unique blend, different than the traditional mozarella I'm used to. It was delicious!

We visited for a long time and then I showed them our room at the hotel. I was quite pleased with our hotel room (I'll show you why another day) and thought they might like to see it.  I forgot, though, to point out one little weird thing about the bathroom in our room. Do you see anything weird?

Hint: It isn't about what you see, but rather what you don't see.
Something you might need...

Toilet paper anyone?
I had to bend down under the counter to discover 
where the toilet paper was hiding.
It was fine, once a person knew the secret, but kind of 
weird and I am guessing has led to more than one person 
feeling a bit of panic at a crucial moment.

Anyway, moving on. I didn't really mean for this post to be about toilet paper.

After a tour of our room, which didn't take too long, we went bar hopping. Not really! I was just wondering if you were paying attention. We did go to one bar, though. I suppose that is no surprise now that you know I spent last Sunday morning in the basement of a bar. This was not in a basement, though... quite the opposite.

Our hotel had a rooftop bar/restaurant. In order to go there we had to first take the elevator down to the lobby. From there, we had to have one of the elevator guys get us up there. What is an elevator guy? Well, they are guys that dress in black suits, wear ear pieces attached to coiled wires and look just like secret service men. Yes, I have seen secret service guys. The elevators there were strange anyway. They had little computer screens on the wall. It was there that you had to tell it what floor your were going to. You couldn't change your mind on the way up as there were no buttons inside. However, only the secret service guys could enter the code for that top floor.

So, with the help from men in black, we went to the top floor and spent just a few minutes up there, enjoying the view (click and wait a few seconds until you see the photo of the ballpark below). I think all three of us felt rather out of place. The people up there were mostly dressed in fancy clothes. There was loud party music going and the whole scene seemed more like something from a movie than from anything I could reference in my own life. It was fun to experience for a bit but we were all ready to leave moments after arrival.

After saying good-bye to AKM and her Mom down in the lobby, I turned around and got back in the elevator line again to go to my room. Two twenty-something beautiful girls came up beside me. I was standing there in my jeans and gray sweater. They were wearing sparkly formals. The elevator guy, who was quite pretty himself, turned to them and said, "You look really lovely." The girls smiled and thanked him. I waited a second, my idea of a comic pause, and said, "Thank you!"

It was a nice evening, though. I was pleased that AKM wasn't a serial killer or anything. Oh come on! I'm just saying what everyone else was thinking. I bet she felt the same about me!

I was sorry Maria wasn't with me as I know she would have liked to meet AKM in person also. Well, since AKM wants to one day move West, maybe she'll come here someday. AKM, you are welcome to visit us, and bring your mom along as well!


Michelle said...

What an interesting vacation you had!

And I had a good smile to start the day over your remark to the elevator guy. Did you get any response from him? Funny, funny.

Allen said...

Motels have a way of hiding toilet paper.

Maria Rose said...

Would have been great to meet AKM!!!

Anne Marie said...

So much fun! I once got to meet a friend I'd had for several years, and it was very exciting. She's from England, and she and her two kids came to visit us for a week when we lived in South Dakota. Having only exchanged emails and a couple of phone calls prior to that, I think she was very brave to travel all that way to see us!

Sue said...

Michelle, he chuckled and smiles, which I appreciated. It would have been awful if he thought I was serious.

Sue said...

That is just mean! Why or why would they do that?!

Mom said...

Yes, that would have been fun. Next time? Or maybe she will be coming this way. She is considering relocating this direction.

Sue said...

That was brave of her!

AKM said...

We had such a great visit with you! Can't wait to do it again. And Team W should think about heading East for a visit. Of course, I may get out your way first...who knows?! ;-)

Sue said...

It was a nice visit! I have a strong feeling we will meet again, East or West, one way or another.

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