Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time With the Girls

Yesterday I went shopping at Goodwill with Maria, Cordelia and Elise. It was a bonus event for me, having been released from my work day a bit early. I love, love, love going just about anywhere with those girls.

When we arrived at Goodwill I made some comment about a tradition Cordelia and I have developed. That led to a bit of discussion about what the word "tradition" meant. Cordelia wants to know and understand EVERYTHING. Her mother was the same way!

So, what is our Goodwill tradition? Well, this particular Goodwill has an upper and a lower level. They have two long ramps that go between the two levels. I get Cordy into a shopping cart and head down one of the ramps. All the way down I act as though I've lost control of the shopping cart and let go for a second or two. Of course I always have my hands ready to grab if it rolls near the wall and she is never actually frightened. However, there are a lot of squeals and giggles and Cordy makes happy noises as well.

THEN, we carry on a tradition Maria started with Cordy when she was quite little. It is brilliant! She taught Cordy early on that some things are to be enjoyed for just a short time. In this case, we go by the bin of toys and she chooses one that she gets to play with while we continue to shop. She understands right from the beginning that we aren't buying that toy but it gives her something to enjoy while we look at things that might bore her, such as uniform scrubs for me.

Yesterday she chose a stuffed monkey she named, Mrs. Monkey.

At one point I heard Cordy tell Mrs. Monkey that she was hurting her feelings. I asked what Mrs. Monkey said and Cordelia informed me that Mrs. Monkey had said she didn't like Cordy. They worked it out, though, and all was well.

 I also had some good times bouncing Elise around the store. She has such a lovely little personality. Although contentment seemed rather elusive to her the first months of her life, she is down right fun now, easy to please and ever so loving and snuggly.

I didn't get a photo of her yesterday but I'll share some from last week's trip to the mall.

And then, when we were driving back to their house, Cordy said, "Grandma! Do you know about Jesus?!"

It was just a couple of hours at the end of my day but it sure made me feel happy.

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Maria Rose said...

Those girls are so crazy about their grandmother!

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