Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Teacher Heroes

Watching stories out of the aftermath of the tornado that hit the elementary schools in Moore, Oklahoma really made me think about the teachers involved. As was the case in the Connecticut school shooting, teachers behaved with heroism as they tried to protect the children in their care, just as a parent would do. Whether they were protecting the children from violence perpetuated by a person or by nature, they acted as most parents would, even using their own bodies as shields.

Thankfully, most teachers will never have to face such horrible situations. Most will never have to risk their own lives to protect the children entrusted to their care. Just the same, knowing that so many would do this really makes me think again about how much we should value teachers. It also makes me wonder about the many little sacrifices teachers make for their students every day.

Teachers spend so much time with the children assigned to them for the school year, they most certainly bond with them. To learn of them acting instinctively to save the lives of the children shows their level of caring was well established before the tragedy even occurred. They didn't have time to reason, they just acted.

They acted like loving parents.

As I said, most teachers won't have to face such a dramatic situation, but I think inside many teachers there lives a hero.

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Thank-you, teachers, for all you give daily.

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