Monday, May 27, 2013


I have a new favorite word... savor.

Recently I read an article about this word. It turns out, peace and happiness and lots of other good feelings just may be dependent on our ability to savor.  Okay, I'm kind of making fun of the simplicity of it but there really is a lot of truth to this theory, don't you think?

So, I have been trying to step up my moments of savoring. I've savored listening to the birds in our neighborhood. I really, really enjoyed listening to all the different songs. It is amazing. Truthfully, I go through a lot of days without even thinking about the mind-boggling variety of birds and bird songs. Most of their songs are really, really pretty. Mike and I particularly love listening to the meadowlarks. Have you heard a meadowlark recently? Blue Jays... well, they are pretty to look at anyway.

Last night I pulled into our garage and spent a few moments in my car, with the garage door closed. I heard NOTHING. It was silent, really silent. I don't know when I last savored silence. It was a rare treat. Actually, a few minutes of it was enough. Total silence seemed to hurt my ears. Anyway, it was interesting. I was happy enough to get back to listening to the birds. Maybe I should have left this paragraph out of this blog post, huh?

Now, think about pancakes. They are an ordinary food, right? But, really, don't they just taste so good? I really need to appreciate pancakes more.

Do any of you remember the song about stopping to smell the roses?

  It's a good song, but for me, it would be lilacs! Lilacs! I savor a lot of smells but right now lilacs are in full bloom and they smell delightful. I think maybe that is how it smells in heaven. I love that smell!

People are what I savor the most, actually time with my people. Time isn't something you can hold on to, but it is savorable. Here are a few photos of what I was savoring last evening. They are not all great photos (cell phone pics only) but they were all great moments.

What have you been savoring lately?


Maria Rose said...

I have been savoring family, art, nature.

Michelle said...

I, too, really enjoy the summer bird songs. In our neighborhood the loudest, most persistent talkers are the doves. I always thought, when reading about cooing doves, that it would be a soothing, gentle sound. Nope. They can be very loud--and it does reach a point where I just wish they'd give it a rest! But it does mean Spring, so I'm not really complaining!

AKM said...

Avocados and school-free evenings!

Mom said...

Aaaah...that sounds nice!

Sue said...

I know, and they look so sweet and gentle. Some of the prettiest birds have the ugliest sounds (like blue jays).

Sue said...

That sounds like a perfect evening! Avocados make every moment seem special, huh?

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