Wednesday, May 29, 2013

HGTV and Me

I like to watch HGTV. I especially enjoy watching people shop for their new home. I don't care if it is rather staged! I just enjoy looking at the pretty houses. Is that weird?

I used to think I would have enjoyed being a realtor. I'm pretty sure it isn't like the realtors on HGTV, though. That is, I'm thinking most of the people house hunting don't wrap it up in an hour. It would be fun, though, to look through least the nice ones.

 photo by Ambro and
However, there is something that really bothers me when I watch those shows. I really hate listening to the complaints! The two I've heard the most are, "Oh no, we'd have to put in granite counter tops before we move in!" or "Those appliances will never do; they are white." Oh no! Anything but white appliances! Stainless steel is currently fashionable, I get it, but good grief! Are we all sheep? Do we all have to have the same kinds of counter tops and the same color of appliances? Oh wait, did that sound sarcastic?

Maria (my daughter) did a post recently on First World Problems. You should read it as it is pretty funny. Now, as I watch the House Hunter whiners I realize they are just overwhelmed with their First World Problems. I should speak more kindly because some of them don't even get a swimming pool in their backyards.

All right. I'm really done now with the sarcasm.

In case you don't have HGTV available to you, here's another fun thing I like to do. Go to and you can browse through homes all over the country! Sometimes I look at homes for sale in our town, sometimes I look at homes for sale somewhere like Manhattan. Many have multiple photos or perhaps even a video of the interior. It's fun! They really make me appreciate the prices we pay in Wyoming for a lot of square footage! I just found a tiny studio apartment (no bedroom) in Manhattan for the same price as our four bedroom house with a large yard and two car garage here in Wyoming. Sometimes it helps you appreciate what you've got.

Well, I've reached that point in my blog post where I'm just kind of rambling. Mike says I talk that way when I am tired. OK, then. Good-night!


Michelle said...

Your interest in looking at houses is perfectly normal! Your mother and I have spent a lot of time over the years doing things like peeking in windows of empty houses rather than "bothering" the realtors! We are nesters at heart--which, of course, requires checking out lots of nesting sites.

Anne Marie said...

I also inherited the looking at houses gene. It's great fun! I have stainless steel appliances, and I do NOT like them. At all. As they die over the coming years, they will be replaced with ANYTHING other than stainless! Maybe a nice ecru...

Maria Rose said...

Ha yes!HGTV is a great source for insight into 1st world problems!

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