Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Happy Birthday, Eric!

My daughter has great taste in men! She wisely chose a kind, creative, talented and good man as a husband and as a father to her children. As parents and grandparents, what could make us happier? We love having him as part of our family!

Today is Eric's birthday! I just want to publicly say that I have the best son-in-law ever!

He is thoughtful and fun.
He is a good provider for his family.
He has more energy than anyone I know.
He is multi-talented...paints, makes movies, sings, plays drums in a band, etc.
He loves our daughter.
We love him.

Have a great day, Eric!


Maria Rose said...

Three cheers to Eric!

Mom said...

I'm glad you have such a great son-in-law, but we could maybe argue about "best". I also have a best son-in-law.

Sue said...

Oh Mom, I hadn't thought of it that way...let's call it a tie.

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