Monday, May 13, 2013

Declared Sane!

Cordelia has been so excited for Mother's Day. When I saw her a few days before, she was so excited about the gift she had chosen for me. She wasn't happy that her mother was making her wait until Sunday to give it to me but she kept it a secret. That is NOT easy for Cordelia! She is pretty much an open book.

Yesterday when she arrived at church I was already up front singing with the Worship Team. I could see her delightful smile when she spotted me. She held up a small bag and pointed at it. Isn't that just too sweet? I love how she gets so excited to GIVE gifts. She had to wait awhile, though. During the sermon the Worship Team goes down and sits with family. As soon as I got to her she said, "Grandma, open your present!" Then, she started opening it for me. It was a beautiful orange necklace. Maria said Cordy had shopped quite awhile before she decided the necklace was just the right thing. It was lovely and I put it on right away.

What I really loved, though, was the card she had made for me. On the front was a picture of me and Cordelia together.

Don't you must love it?

I also love her 3 year old signature.

The words she asked her mother to write are so precious!

I was especially excited to see that I am sane!

I enjoyed touching base with each of my own children yesterday.
Mike and I also went out of town to enjoy a meal out with my mother, sister and nephew.
I love feeling connected with my family.

I am most certainly a woman most blessed.
I do NOT take it for granted.


Emily said...

She is so precious! I love that she "loves your heart". Very special indeed. :)

Maria Rose said...

I am so proud that I get to be her mother!

Sarah Purdy said...

Cordelia has such a sweet and loving heart.

Pam Brewer said...

Very sweet.

Sue said...

She does and I think her parents are good at nurturing that part of her character.

Sue said...

I know...cute, huh?

Mom said...

You should be proud! You are a wonderful mother.

Sue said...

They are fun, aren't they? I hope you had a great day, too.

Tina said...

She is a doll! Thank you for making the trip to make my day special too! I am going to enjoy the 3 new books you gave me. :) Thank you for the wonderful lunch and company as well.

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