Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cardinal Bling

Mike and I have matching rings! Doesn't that sound romantic? Well,  not so much.

Those of you who know Mike may have noticed that he doesn't even wear his wedding ring. He has lots of excuses but the truth is, it just bugs him to wear jewelry. So, you may be surprised that we got these matching rings...rings that fit neither of us.

Funny, huh? These were given out at one of the Cardinals' games we attended. They are replicas of their World Series Rings from 2006. I thought they would be just a plastic, adjustable ring but these are heavy rings! 

Since we will never ever wear these rings (I hope), they have become decorations at our house. Maybe I could make a Christmas ornament out of them or use them as napkin rings. I could wear my with a light scarf pulled through it. Do you have any other ideas of how I can use these pieces of Cardinal Bling?

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