Friday, March 22, 2013

Our Sweet Little Deformed Tree

Nine years ago, when we first looked at this house, we noticed a pitiful tree in the front yard. It was maybe 4 ft. tall. We don't know what really happened to it, but it was quite straggly and the top of it seemed to be.... well....GONE! The realtor mumbled something about lightning but perhaps he was just guessing. I'm speculating it was a wind-caused injury. I think Mike and I were both planning on having it removed. It was planted too close to the house anyway.

Sam was eleven years old at the time. That seems like a long time ago when I look at our youngest, now 6'4" or more. Anyway, Sam was quite upset when he heard us talking of having that tree removed. He begged us to let it live! It was kind of cute, really. So, how could we remove it after that? 

Instead, we have trimmed and nurtured the poor little deformed tree. It will not likely ever be noted for it's beauty to anyone but us, but I really like it. It is a survivor! Last night, just before dark, I went out and took these photographs of it all dressed up in the new, heavy Spring snow. 

No, it isn't the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood but 
when I look at it I think of an eleven year old red-head 
who pleaded for its life. The memory of it makes me smile.


EJN said...

Love that story. Snow in March - the week before Easter. Gotta love Wyo!!!
I do.
Have a great day.
Grace, Peace and Joy,

Michelle said...

That sweet memory surely makes the tree a true treasure! Long may it live.

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