Friday, February 08, 2013

Wyoming Road Trip

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Yesterday I was called off work so Maria and I took advantage and headed to visit my Mom, little girls in tow. Cordelia was pretty excited to go see Grandma Grace. As it turned out, my sister was sick and couldn't join us. My aunt and cousin came over for a bit. It was a fun day!

Cordelia does well on road trips. She has a little DVD player which helps.  Elise slept for much of the trip. We actually saw two bald eagles sitting on a fence but did not stop as we didn't want to disturb Elise. I'm kind of regretting that. Seeing two bald eagles hanging out is not an ordinary event. You would have liked the photos...sorry about that.

Elise enjoyed exploring my Mom's decor.

Cordelia loved up on my cousin, Anne Marie.
She sometimes loves kind of rough.

She also enjoyed my aunt, Michelle.
Do you see that Cordelia is wearing a shopping bag as her backpack?

It was a lovely girl day.


Michelle said...

So, so glad you came!

thats classified said...

so glad, for you all, that I didn't! I am really enjoying all the pics though.

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