Monday, February 25, 2013

In His Care

I recently received word of someone we know who's child has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. I can only imagine the terror that diagnosis brought. We pray for her complete healing!

There is nothing worse than watching your own child suffer. I am convinced of that. Nothing. Our children are all fine but we have gone through some scary times when they were younger. Ben had severe asthma attacks that often landed him in the hospital. They often had a hard time starting his IV, requiring stick after stick after stick. One time he'd been poked by nearly every nurse in the hospital and they finally called an anesthesiologist from home who was able to get it going. Ben cried so long and so hard he finally fell asleep, not even waking up when they continued to poke him. There were times when I feared his little body would not be able to overcome his asthma, when I worried over each difficult breath. There were times we didn't know if we'd get to keep him. 

When Maria was in kindergarten, she had to have an emergency appendectomy. Afterward, instead of getting better, she got more and more weak and more and more sick. They didn't know what was wrong with her for several days. One day, when Mike was in the room with her, I went down to another floor to a bathroom. It was there that I fell apart. I sobbed out loud. I was so afraid that we were losing our little girl. I could see her fading away. I was so frightened! All I could do was try to cheer her and to pray fervently for her.

Eventually, they discovered that Maria had an intestinal blockage. They were able to help her and the light within her brightened. Our spunky little girl returned to us and we got to enjoy the rest of her childhood, and still now she brings a lot of joy to our lives.

Sam has not been through any life-threatening health crisis. That hasn't stopped me from worrying about his safety, though. Recently he was on an out of town road trip. I knew when he expected to return and when that hour passed, I could feel myself creeping to the edge of panic. I knew I was likely over-reacting but horrible visions kept creeping into my mind. Finally, I prayed. That didn't immediately erase my fear but it helped. Sometimes my faith is so weak.

We know from the Bible that Jesus cared for the children very tenderly. We read stories where he healed children. He never wants them to suffer. But, because we live in a world where we are allowed free choice, and humans don't always make good choices, we've inherited a world that is imperfect. We live in world where evil exists as well. That is the world we pass on to our children.

There is good news, though. Yes, we live with evil around and available at all times. However, as children of God, we are under his protection. Does that mean we don't suffer the maladies of this world? Nope. It does mean that we can bring our requests to the Almighty One. We know that our requests are heard. We know that we will all be healed, in time. Sometimes that healing happens here, in this world. Sometimes, though, healing means our loved ones get to get out of this messy world and go directly to God... to the arms of Jesus. Thank God that their lives do not end here!

I feel that we don't really see the whole picture from our point of view. That is where we've got to lean on our faith; we've got to trust in God's wisdom. I think it is ok, to pray my wishes to God. I will continue to tell him that I want my children and all my other loved ones to live long, healthy and happy lives. I hope that, with the gift of faith, I can continue to believe that God will protect my loved ones and keep them in His care, here and later in heaven. 

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