Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wyoming Wind Gives Clues

I do believe I've mentioned how our yard catches everything the wind blows around our neighborhood. Our street is long and our house is situated where the road bends. Add to that the fact that THE WIND IS ALWAYS BLOWING IN WYOMING and the result is, our yard is kind of a collection area. Remember when I told you we bagged up over 60 bags of leaves this Fall? Most people in the neighborhood just had a few bags sitting on the curb the day the city collected them. It was a bit embarrassing, really.

Do you remember the week we found a crutch in our front yard? Could the wind be strong enough to do that? The answer is YES! The gusts that week were up to 90 mph!

This week we received boxes in our yard.  They were empty. Either someone told everybody that we were going to do the cardboard recycling for everyone or the Wyoming Wind has been leaving treats for us once again. Apparently someone in our neighborhood got a new table.  

Someone else must have received a new red wagon, maybe for Christmas?

The weirdest thing I found in our yard remains a bit mysterious.  I thought I had already written a post about this but when I looked for it this morning I couldn't find it. So, sorry if I am repeating myself. 

Some time back I found this driver's license.

It just suddenly appeared in my flowers one day. It is pretty old as it was to expire in 2007. It was a provisional license as the young lady was underage at the time. She would now be 26 years old.  The weirdest part was that it is a California license. Why would that show up in our yard years later?

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Maria Rose said...

Weird! I just noticed that the wind blew a pizza box into our yard.

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