Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Two Iones

We did not randomly choose to visit Arizona.  We all met there so that we could not only see Ben and Sara but so that we could see Mike's Mom, Carol.  She cheerfully hosted our whole family. We were really grateful to all have the chance to gather there.  I know it would be appropriate to send her a thank-you card but it is a new age and I am bad at sending cards. So, thank-you, Carol! We appreciate you!

Carol's middle name is Ione.  I probably shouldn't tell you that as she once told me she wasn't crazy about her middle name. However, I think she likes her middle name now, because she shares it with her beautiful baby great-granddaughter, Elise Ione.

It was fun to see the The Two Iones together for a few days.

I see a resemblance between these two pretty Iones.

Except Carol doesn't drool.


Michelle said...

TeeHeeHee-Love that last line!

Maria Rose said...

I love the name!

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