Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Will Love You Foreber and Eber and Eber

My Mom told me it is time for more pictures of the little girls. I've always minded my mother! The first one was just taken during one of our Sunday evening dinners together. I do not know what was so fascinating with Cordelia's hand. I just thought she looked rather adorable in her hat.

Saturday I said I would take Cordelia swimming. The first photo was just her cute little self being all anticipatory and happy.  She was so delighted to be going swimming with me.
On the way to the pool I heard her sweet voice from the car seat in back saying,
"I will love you foreber and eber and eber, Grandma."
The second photo shows a tired but satisfied little girl. I do believe she must have gone down the little froggy slide into the pool about 100 times!

And is this not an adorable little giraffe?
Elise is smiles most of the time now....AND she says "Momma" when reaching for Maria! 
Yep, and she is only 6 months old. 
That girl must have a lot of things she is getting ready to tell us!


Maria Rose said...

I love those girls!

Michelle said...

Ain't being a Grandma great!

EJN said...

just DARLIN!!! Bless those little girlies and you, too.
Grace, Peace and Joy,

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