Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Will Someone Please Turn UP the Heat?

I am COLD! What a rude shock it was to return from Arizona to temperatures dipping below zero degrees.  Add Wyoming wind to that and... well, there just isn't enough hot chocolate!

I don't know where all of my readers are from but I know some are from the North and some are from the South, many others are from other countries. I'm wondering what kind of weather you are all experiencing at this time.  Comments, anyone?

For now, I think I'll relive some more of the warmth from last week...

Cordelia and Grandpa...it does not get any sweeter than that.

Doesn't that look nice? 

I don't know why they look so serious but when I look at this photograph I am 
happy remembering that I got to go out to lunch with just my two sons that day... a rare event!

I love my daughter-in-law. 
She has a happy spirit and
a tinkly laugh.

It was perfect weather as we hiked, enjoying time by a river.

I think these guys look kind of silly wearing little helmets but they entertained me.

Arizona knows how to do some spectacular sunsets.


Michelle said...

What great photos! I particularly like the precious one of Cordelia and Grandpa.

Maria Rose said...

Beautiful and thanks for sharing on this COLD day!

Sue said...

I love the Grandpa and Cordy pictures so much as well!

Victoria said...

I am loving catching up on your latest postings! As always, love seeing the kids. Great sunset!!

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