Monday, January 28, 2013

A Great Sunday

I just had the best day yesterday. I got to sing with our Worship Team, sit with two beautiful granddaughters at church, enjoyed a potluck with friends after church. I love potlucks! It's not really just the food, though. I love that time of fellowship with church friends. People seemed to linger longer today. It was just good to be together.

After the potluck I went directly to meet one of my favorite collection of women for a fun get-together. We are a group who all used to work together caring for cancer patients. We no longer all work together but our friendship has been sustained. It is not always easy to find a group of women who work together as well as did the five of us. Circumstances kept that from being a permanent situation but we remain grateful for the years it did last. I'm so happy that we have maintained our friendship. I always feel happy after time with these beautiful ladies!

That wasn't the end of it, though. Our daughter and her family arrived moments after I got home. We have developed a tradition of getting together on most Sunday nights for dinner. Ten years from now we likely won't be able to distinguish memories of one Sunday night from another, but we are accumulating a host of blended memories. I love it!

Elise gets time with each of us.
I think her Daddy, Eric, elicited the best giggles from her last night.

Most Sunday nights involve, at some point, some dinosaur hunting. I'm pretty certain that is Cordelia's favorite part of the evening.

Those dinosaurs are tricky to find!

They hide in some pretty silly places!

Mike & I soak up granddaughter time.

But all good things must come to an end...

... at least until next week.

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Maria Rose said...

You forgot to mention that Sam usually naps on the couch! :)

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