Saturday, December 01, 2012

This Was Not My Favorite Week

This past week has not been my favorite.

Mike started Sunday off sick enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room rather than a drive to church.  That's kind of a big deal when you are the pastor.

Monday, Sam stepped on a nail.  I told him I was sure his tetanus shot was up to date.  When I got home from a long day at work I double-checked that statement I found I was wrong.  So, I drug us off to InstaCare.

Tuesday my throat started to feel sore.  I was nervous that I might be getting strep throat or any bacterial tonsillitis that would require an antibiotic.  Last time that happened to me the antibiotic gave C-Diff a chance to take over my life with multiple relapses, eventually landing me in the hospital and forcing me to resign from my job as a chemotherapy nurse.  I admit that I was letting worry take over my thoughts by Wednesday.

Yesterday at work we all learned that there was a killing at our small community college.  Schools were all put on lockdown.  I was first told that it occurred in the building where Sam spends most of his class and lab time!  I quickly stepped away from patient areas and called Sam.  No answer.  Any of you who are parents likely know that feeling I got in the pit of my stomach. I knew it was dumb to panic but I could feel it edging into my sanity nevertheless.  Our daughter is an instructor at the college but I already knew she was not there.  Later I learned there had been a related killing in their neighborhood.  Our son-in-law, unaware, had come up the police and the body of that person.  As all this drama was unfolding, I still had to keep working, caring for patients and trying to keep them from feeling my tension.

It was not my favorite week.


Mike is feeling better.  He received medical care that was competent and kind.  All the worst-case-scenarios were ruled out.  The physician in the ER even prayed for Mike... out loud!  It made me feel so good I really wanted to hug the man.  I know that I teared up.  Usually Mike is the one caring for the spiritual needs of a person in the hospital.  I was so touched to know this ER Physician saw that Mike was in need of that care himself.  It was good.

After 24 hours of a very sore throat, just about the time I knew I'd better go get my throat cultured for strep, it started to feel better.  It turned out that I have a cold.  Although I've felt less than great these last few days, I did not have to face my fear of reactivation of C-Diff.  That was good.

Sam received his tetanus injection.  The visit also gave me a chance to talk him into a flu shot as well.  We were entertained by a funny little guy with an odd bedside manner.  I'm not sure if he was a physician or maybe a physician's assistant but he was quaint.  He told us he'd known three patients in his career who had developed tetanus.  One, he said, survived.  As he shook his head he went on to say, "The other two..." at that point he drew his finger across his throat to indicate death and made a sound that he must have thought indicated the sound a dying person would make.  It was so strange it was funny.  Sam won't be developing tetanus.  That is good.

Yesterday, after not too much time of near panic, Sam texted back that he was fine and hadn't been present at the crime scene.  Maria and Eric and their girls were safe.  We still do not know the names of the victims but we know that three people lost their lives.  We know that it was a horrible day for someone else.  We are grateful, though, that we had a police department that responded quickly and effectively.  We are grateful that people are drawing together, supporting students who witnessed a very horrendous homicide right in their classroom.  I am grateful that my family is safe.

I am grateful that a new week starts tomorrow.


Maria Rose said...

A new week tomorrow, but a new day starts now

affectioknit said...

...Peace be with you...

Allen said...

I am ready for A new week of feeling better, hopefully monday the drugs for my procedure will make me feel great.

Anne Marie said...

After the stressful week you've had, I hope today has been much better for all of you!

Sue said...

Thanks. Yes, today was better. I am even starting to feel better, I think.

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