Thursday, December 06, 2012

Let's Do the Crocodile Stitch!

I crochet... a LOT. The thing is, I don't like to read patterns much. I like to read and learn new stitches but I find following a new pattern to be very, very tedious. I like to free flow it. That is I enjoy kind of making it up as I go. It is very relaxing.

HOWEVER, I was determined to make some baby booties for my youngest granddaughter, Elise. I purchased a really cute pattern that incorporated the crocodile stitch.  I LOVE the crocodile stitch! It was an adorable pattern and I really, really love Elise so I decided to just do it.  They are small, so I figured it wouldn't take long.

Well... it has been weeks.  I am a great procrastinator! The problem is, I'm not used to having to pay such close attention while I crochet.  I am also not used to having to count as I crochet.  I'd be flying along and suddenly realize I had no idea what number I was on.  Did I just say 34 or 37?  I did a lot of tearing out and starting over. Eventually, though, I settled down and realized it wasn't really all that hard. FINALLY!  I finished the little booties last night. I feel proud. I made them in white so they'd go with a lot of her little outfits.  I hope she hasn't outgrown them while I was procrastinating!

Do you like them?  The pattern I purchased also has adult sized ones just like them.  As soon as I get caught up on some Christmas projects, I think I will be trying to make a purple pair for my friend, Rebekah.  If you are interested in this pattern, or others using the crocodile stitch, check out Bonita Patterns. If I could do it, I bet you can as well! They have some really cute things.  Apparently I liked them enough to do this free commercial for them!

Oh, and one more thing... If you are placing an order at Wyoming Rose Boutique, you may type in the code word, FRIENDS, and your shipping charges will be erased!  Happy shopping!


Maria Rose said...

So cute!!!!!!!

Anne Marie said...

Ooh, I like them!

thats classified said...

How adorable! They really turned out awesome! Tina

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